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Company News - STRATEGY Links - General Partner & Moderator of the "EU Invest Success Story" during the II International Investment Forum in Tver Region


On the 26th of June, the II International Investment Forum in Tver Region took place in the hotel "Tver".

More than 300 participants have attended the Forum and this year it became one of the most important events, closing the program of "The Year Germany in Russia". It was detached for the cooperation development of 2 countries in a field of investments projects realization.

The Governor of Tver region, Mr Shevelev opened the Forum with words that Tver has got the status of one of the most attractive region in investment aspects.

During the 1st session, the Governor has mentioned that according to the results of 2012 the growth of the manufacturing in Tver region tripled all-Russia indexes. With due regard to signed investment contracts will amount up 99, and an investment portfolio will reach to $ 5 bln.